Sunday, August 3, 2014

Just whenever i feel like losing my hope..your face would always came across my mind..
giving me the strength to hold on, and start all over again..maybe I would not 
have you guys throughout my upcoming days, but the spirit that you left for me will
always keep me going..moving forward to the place i have always dream for..
I may not be the best for you but believe me you've been the best for me over the years.
I never really had such a very good..good..friend like when i have you..
a very caring Kak Jaz..San..Nadhir and Akmal..

Please forgive me if ive ever done you wrong. for my words or my misbehave.. 
I may not have the time to write about this again so I hope this will be the best post for me to remember each one of you whenever I feel alone.

Forget me, forget me not!

San, please dont let the past ruin me, again. 
Guide me..

"A friend is like a piece of puzzle,
if you lose one, it will never be complete.
Just want you to know that you're one of the pieces!
I can't afford to lose"

Bestfriend till Jannah